Purpose: The Add Cycle Count Inventory page is where you can add inventory that has been found at the location you are counting that was not expected.

Add Cycle Count Inventory Data Elements:
  1. Ticket No: The paper count ticket number assigned by the system.
  2. Enter Item: This entry box is for the additional item
  3. Action buttons:
    • Continue: Displays the remainder of the data collection boxes for adding inventory.
    • Back: Returns to the Review Cycle Count Ticket page.
  4. Item: Item name
  5. Description: Item description
  6. Change button: Clicking here will allow you to change the item.
  7. Enter Attributes: If the item being added has attributes such as Lot number, each attribute will appear with an entry box.
  8. Location: The count location
  9. Lot: Lot number will be displayed and can be edited.
  10. Expiration Date: Expiration date entry box.
  11. FIFO Date: First in First out date entry box.
  12. Quantity: The actual quantity for this UOM from the count for the added item.
  13. Action buttons:

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