Purpose: The purpose of the Add Inventory To Pick List From Sales Order page is to be able to add inventory with different attributes for an existing line item from the sales order. This will be useful for splitting a line item’s picked quantity into different or multiple lot or serials numbers
Header Data Elements:

  1. Ship Tag: The ship tag for this shipment. The Ship Tag is a unique shipment identifier that is typically used to tag pieces of the shipment with a ‘tag’ to specifically identify the shipment elements, anywhere in the warehouse.
  2. Pick List Status: This box shows:
    • ‘New’: New mobile pick list that have not been started
    • ‘Picked’: Paper pick lists that have been created. ‘Picked’ means that the system has already decremented inventory and assumes you will pick exactly what is on the Pick List.
    • ‘Complete’: Mobile and Paper Pick lists that have been completed.
  3. Date: The date the Pick list was generated
  4. Sales Order Number: Sales order number from by QuickBooks
  5. Customer/Address: Customer name and Ship-to address from QuickBooks
Picked Items Data Elements:

  1. Item: Item Name from QuickBooks
  2. Description: Sales item description from QuickBooks
  3. From Loc: This is the stocking location the item was picked from.
  4. Lot: This is the Lot number associated with the item and location.
  5. Expiration Date: If this item is FEFO controlled, this will contain the expiration date for the item and location.
  6. UOM: The item unit of measure from QuickBooks
  7. Qty : This is the quantity of the item on-hand for this location and Hold reason.
  8. Action Buttons: