Purpose: The Add Item to Pick List – Select Inventory page is allows you to add items to a Pick List that has already been created. This can be useful for any situation where it becomes necessary to add an item, such as an item substitution or a special promotion add-on item for certain Sales Orders. This function cannot be selected after the Create Invoice button has been executed.

Header Data Elements:
  1. Ship Tag: The ship tag for this shipment. The Ship Tag is a unique shipment identifier that is typically used to tag pieces of the shipment with a ‘tag’ to specifically identify the shipment elements, anywhere in the warehouse.
  2. Pick List Status: This box shows:
    • ‘New’: New mobile pick list that have not been started
    • ‘Picked’: Paper pick lists that have been created. ‘Picked’ means that the system has already decremented inventory and assumes you will pick exactly what is on the Pick List.
    • ‘Complete’: Mobile and Paper Pick lists that have been completed.
  3. Date: The date the Pick list was generated
  4. Sales Order Number: Sales order number from by QuickBooks
  5. Customer/Address: Customer name and Ship-to address from QuickBooks

Select Inventory Filter - Data Elements:
  1. Item: Can be used to select the Item to add to the Pick List.
  2. Lot: Can be used to select a specific Lot number for this item, to add to the Pick List
  3. Actions Buttons:
    • Search: Will execute the search for the item.
    • Clear: Will clear the filter criteria.
On Hand Inventory Data Elements:
  1. Item: Item Name from QuickBooks
  2. Description: Sales item description from QuickBooks
  3. Location: This is the stocking location for the item.
  4. Lot: This is the Lot number associated with the item and location.
  5. FIFO Date: This is the first-in/first out date for this inventory rotation option.
  6. Expiration Date: If this item is FEFO controlled, this will contain the expiration date for the item and location.
  7. Hold: If there is an item quantity on hold, this will show the reason code.
  8. UOM: The item unit of measure from QuickBooks
  9. On Hand : This is the quantity of the item on-hand for this location and Hold reason.
  10. Action Buttons: