Purpose: The Add Receipt Inventory From Purchase Order page allows you to link to another page to receive additional inventory for the items on the Purchase Order and also to receive items that were not on the Purchase Order, if your company allows that practice.

Header Data Elements:
  1. Purchase Order Number: Purchase order number from by QuickBooks
  2. Vendor: Vendor name
  3. Date: Date the receipt was created in Rapid Inventory.
  4. Memo: A memo field that can be added to the receipt.
  5. Status: The status of the order.

Purchase Order Lines Data Elements:
  1. Item: Item Name from QuickBooks
  2. Purchase Description: Purchase item description from QuickBooks
  3. Comment: Line item comment field.
  4. UOM: The item unit of measure from QuickBooks.
  5. Remaining: The quantity remaining to receive from the Purchase Order.
  6. Action Buttons: