Purpose: The Adjust Inventory Value page provides the capability to adjust inventory for the TOTAL value of this item, at all warehouses, for all locations and attributes. By changing the TOTAL value of this item across ALL warehouses and ALL locations, you can change the average cost of an item.

Data Elements:
  1. Name: Item name
  2. Description: Item description
  3. Purchase Cost: This is the current item purchase cost from QuickBooks.
  4. Average Cost: This is the item’s average cost across all warehouses.
  5. Class: Inventory class if applicable.
  6. Value: This value is the TOTAL inventory value for THE ENTIRE QUANTITY of this item across ALL warehouses. Adjusting this value will change the TOTAL inventory value for this item, which will change the average cost for this item.
  7. Action Buttons:
    • Change Value: This button allows you to change the total value of the item. The average cost is then re-calculated and changed in QuickBooks after the next sync.
    • Back: Returns to the View Inventory By Item page.