Purpose: The Adjust Inventory screen allows you to make adjustments to the quantity on hand value for an item.

Display Results Data Elements:
  1. Item No: Item name
  2. Location: Item's stocking location
  3. Lot: Item Lot number for the associated quantity. (For information about Serial Numbers, see Serial Numbers)
  4. FIFO Date: The first in / first out date for this item at this location, for this quantity.
  5. Expiration Date: The expiration date associated with this lot, quantity and location.
  6. Hold: This is the hold reason for the item and quantity at this location.
  7. UOM: Item unit of measure, if applicable.
  8. On Hand: Total on hand inventory for this item at this warehouse.
  9. Available: Total available inventory for this warehouse. Available = On hand minus on hold.
  10. Description: Item description

Adjust Quantity:
  1. UOM: Drop-down menu to select the Unit of Measure you wish to adjust, if applicable.
  2. Current Quantity: Displays the current quantity on hand according to Rapid Inventory for this item.
  3. New Quantity: This is where the quantity correction is entered. Enter the actual quantity on hand.

Adjust Attributes:
  1. Class: Enter the QuickBooks class assigned to inventory adjustments, if applicable.
  2. Inventory Adjustment Ledger Item: Enter the appropriate ledger account for inventory adjustments.
  3. Customer: Enter the customer information to be associated with this inventory adjustment, if applicable.
  4. Memo: Enter a free-flow text memo for this inventory adjustment, if desired.
  5. Reference Number: Enter a reference number for this inventory adjustment, if desired.
  6. Transaction Date: By default, the transaction date is set to the current date. If needed, the transaction date can be changed in this field. The transaction date entered into this field will be used as the Adjustment Date in QuickBooks.

Action Buttons:
  1. Save: Clicking here will save the inventory quantity adjustment.
  2. Back: Returns to the Inventory Adjustment page.

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