Purpose: This page displays you Rapid Inventory Affiliate program commissions report.

Filter Data Elements:
  1. Month: This drop-down is to select the month for the report.
  2. Year: Select the year for the report.
  3. Action Buttons:
    • Search: Executes the search relative to the filter informaton and displays the report
    • Clear: Clears the search filter elements.
    • Last Month: Displays the previous month report relative to the current month selected for the report.
Report Data Elements:
  1. Id: This is an internal customer id for the Rapid Inventory customer.
  2. Payment Date: The date of the commission check.
  3. User Lic. Commission: The total commission earned from this customer's user license revenue for the selected month.
  4. Misc. Commission: The total commission earned from this customer's hardware, label, and consulting service revenue.
  5. Total Commission: The total commission earned for the selected month from this customer.
  6. Total Commission(box at bottom of page): Grand total of commissions earned from all customers for this month.

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