Purpose: The Counter Sales page provides filtering and display capability for Counter sales in various statuses.
Filter Data Elements:
  1. Customer: Customer name from QuickBooks.
  2. Number: Counter Sale Number. This is any scheme that is chosen for counter sales numbering
  3. Start Date: Start date for the selected range
  4. End Date: End date for the selected range
  5. Status:
    • Open: The counter sale is open and in process.
    • Complete: The counter sale process has been completed, but the sync to QuickBooks to create the Sales Receipt has not been completed.
    • Closed: The counter sale has been completed, and the Sales Receipt has been created in QuickBooks.
    • Cancelled: Cancelled counter sales

Display Body Data Elements:
  1. Customer: Customer name.
  2. Date: Date the counter sale was created in the warehouse system.
  3. Number: Counter sale number.
  4. Payment Method: The particular payment method used for the counter sale.
  5. Status: (see above)
  6. Action Buttons:
    • View: Clicking here displays the Counter Sales View.
    • Add: Clicking here initiates a new counter sale, and displays the Counter Sales Add page.
    • Sync Now: Triggers the sync to QuickBooks immediately instead of waiting for the interval set for Web Connector. This function only works if you are logged into Rapid Inventory on the same system where Web Connector is installed, however.
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To view a tutorial illustrating the Counter Sales process, click the arrow: