Purpose: The View Counts – Counts tab provides filtering for open, completed and cancelled counts in the system. It provides a list of open paper counts and the path to editing and completing paper counts. It will not show mobile counts since they are completely started and finished on the mobile device.

Counts Filter Data Elements:
  1. Status: Choose the status from the drop down for your count selection.
  2. Action buttons:
    • Search: Executes the search
    • Clear: Clears the search criteria.
Count Search Results Data Elements:
  • Location: Item’s stocking location
  • Login: The user who created the paper count.
  • Created: The date and time the paper count ticket was created.
  • Expected Items: The number of different item numbers to count at this location.
  • Counted Items: The number of items completed at this location for this ticket.
  • Status: Statuses include Open, Complete, and Cancelled.
  • Action Buttons:
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To view a tutorial illustrating the count process using paper count tickets managed from the desktop, click on the arrow below: