Purpose: The Add Inventory provides capability to add inventory for any item to any location within that warehouse. An inventory adjustment is then triggered for QuickBooks reflecting the total quantity on-hand.

Item Data Elements:
  1. Name: Item name.
  2. Description: Item description.
  3. Action Buttons:
    • Change: This button allows you to change to another item.

Attributes Entry Data Elements:
  1. Location: Item’s stocking location.
  2. Lot: Item Lot number for the associated quantity.
  3. FIFO Date: The first in / first out date for this item at this location, for this quantity.
  4. Exp. Date: The expiration date associated with this lot, quantity, and location. Click on the calendar icon, then click on the month to select the month of the expiration, then click on the year to see a drop down to select year. This will display the calendar for that month and year and the day can then be selected. You can also click on the arrow to scroll month to month.
  5. Quantity: The total on-hand quantity for this specific set of attributes and UOM.
  6. Action Buttons:
    • Save and Done: Saves the item addition and displays the View Inventory By Item page.
    • Add More: This returns to the same page and allows you to do additional inventory additions.
    • Back: Returns to the View Inventory By Item page.