Purpose: The Add User page allows the administrator to add a new user.

Add User Data Elements:
  1. Login: The user’s login name.
  2. Password: Set the user’s password
  3. Confirm: Confirm the user’s password.
  4. First Name: User’s first name.
  5. Last Name: User’s last name.
  6. Active: Yes/No check box.
  7. Role: Set the user’s role from the drop down menu:
    • Administrator: Has access to all areas of Rapid Inventory including the Settings function.
    • Manager: Has access to all areas of Rapid Inventory except the Settings function and the Inventory Value Report.
    • Print Manager: This is a default user for printing queued labels only and do not count as a ‘logged in’ user against your total subscriptions.
  8. Action Buttons:
    • Save: Save changes
    • Back: Returns to the View Users page.